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Rosebank Primary School - Auckland

Custom Junior Playground  - Installed October 2017
Rosebank11 Rosebank22
Rosebank33 Rosebank44

Otahuhu Primary School - Auckland

Custom Junior Playground  - Installed September 2017

"“Otahuhu Primary School asked Park Supplies to create a new playground. The new playground has great appeal to the students,with it’s vibrant colours,that really stands out against our pastel coloured school. The children are eager to play on the playground as it is very interactive.”
Jasoda Patel - Acting Principal, Otahuhu Primary School

otahuhu1 otahuhu2
otahuhu3 otahuhu4

Clearview Primary School - Canterbury

Custom Senior Playground  - Installed March 2017

"Park Supplies clearly enjoy what they do and they shared our enthusiasm for this project with us"
Rob Rush - Principal, Clearview Primary School


clearview11 clearview44
cleaview33 Clearview22

Owairoa School - Auckland

Custom Senior Playground  - Installed March 2017

"What a pleasure it has been to work with such a motivated company that not only listens but also ensured that
we had a great end result. They really showed a special team spirit with all employees contributing
to the final project".
Alan McIntyre - Principal, Owairoa Primary School
Owairoa 4 Owairoa 1
Owairoa 2 Owairoa 3

Kohia Terrace School - Auckland

Custom Senior Playground  - Installed March 2017
kohia12 kohia13
kohia14 kohia15

St Annes Catholic School - Auckland

Custom Senior Playground  - Installed January 2017
StAnnes4StAnnes3 StAnne22St-Annes1


Wesley School - Auckland

Custom Senior Playground  - Installed Dec 2016
Wesley4 Wesley2
Wesley1 Wesley3

Tarawera High - Hamilton

Custom Senior Playground  - Installed Dec 2016
Tarawera1 Tarawera2
Tarawera3 Tarawera4

Woodstock Primary - Hamilton

Wakaaranga Senior Multiplay structure,  - Installed Dec 2016
Woodstock1 Woodstock4
Woodstock2 Woodstock3

Henderson Primary - Auckland

Wakaaranga Senior Multiplay structure, Lunar Spinner - Installed Dec 2016

"Park Supplies were fantastic to work with. They supported us every step of the way and helped us create
a playground we love to use."
Tony Biddick - Principal, Henderson Primary School
Henderson1 Henderson2
Henderson3 Henderson4

Riverhead School - Auckland

Spiders Nest & Tubeslide - Installed November 2016
riverhead1 Riverhead2
Riverhead3 Riverhead4

Avondale Primary - Auckland

Junior playground, a Waimate - Installed October 2016
Avondale1 Avondale2
Avondale3 Avondale4



Laingholm Primary - Auckland

Junior playground, a Shenanigan and a Orex - Installed October 2016
Laign6 Laing4
Laing5 Laing3

Waipukarau School - Central Hawkes Bay

Custom Senior Playground - Installed August 2016
FullSizewaipuk(2) FullSizeRender (5)
FullSizeRender (8) FullSizeRender (6)

Hinds School - Canterbury

Senior Playground - Installed September 2016
Hinds1 Hinds2
Hinds3 Hinds4



Parnell District School - Auckland

Senior Playground - Installed July 2016
Untitled-5 Untitled-6
Untitled-4 Untitled-2

Bishopdale ECE - Breens School, Christchurch

Custom early childhood play structure - Installed June 2016
FullSizeRender (2) FullSizeRender (1)

Panmure Bridge School - Auckland

Labyrinth RUSH Playground - Installed October 2016
panmure1 (4) panmure1 (2)
panmure1 (3) panmure1 (1)

Marshlands School - Christchurch

Two playgrounds, a Shenanigan and a Mini Kahuna - Installed November 2015
Marshlands1 Marshlands2
Marshlands2 Marshlands4

Omanu School - Tauranga

Shenanigan Playground - Installed November 2015
Omanu1 Omanu2
Omanu3 Omanu4

Mt Maunganui Intermediate School - Mt Maunganui

Fit trail - Installed November 2015
MtMaunganui1 MtMaunganui2

Swannanoa School - Swannanoa

Double K1 climber, Swing, Lunar and Shockwave - Installed October 2015
Swannanoa1 Swannanoa2



St Pius X School - New Plymouth

Jungle cube, Hurricane, Swings, Lunar, Rockskate, Balance beams and Stepping logs - Installed October 2015
Hurricane-2 Jungle cube-2
lunar-2 Swing-2

Papakowhai School - Porirua

Customised Waimate Playground - Installed February 2015
Papakowhai1 Papakowhai2
Papakowhai3 Papakowhai4


Bernard Fergusson School - Ngaruawahia

Waimate Playground - Installed May 2015
Bernardferg2 Bernardferg3
Bernardferg1 Bernardferg4



Pukekohe Hill School - Auckland

Custom Designed Playground with Lunar and Zenith Climber
Installed November 2014
PukeHill2 PukeHill3
PukeHill1 PukeHill4



New Zealand Training Centre - Hamilton

Waimate Playground & Swing - Installed December 2014



Matakana School - Auckland

Custom Designed Playground - Installed March 2015
Matakana3 Matakana4
Matakana2 Matakana1



Hornby High School - Christchurch

Labyrinth Senior Playground - Installed June 2014
Hornby2 Hornby1
Hornby4 Hornby3



Western Heights School - Rotorua

Big Kahuna Playground - Installed May 2014
Westernheights6 Westernheights3
Westernheights4 Westernheights1
Westernheights5 Westernheights2



Stonefields School - Auckland

Big Kahuna Playground - Installed March 2014

"We selected Park Supplies, not just for their design, but also because their products are New Zealand made
and we wanted to support the local economy."
Dianne Harrison - Stonefields School Board
Stonefields1 Stonefields2
Stonefields3 Stonefields4
Stonefields5 Stonefields6



Wakaaranga School- Auckland

Custom Designed Senior Playground - Installed May 2014
Wakaaranga1 Wakaaranga2
Wakaaranga5 Wakaaranga4
Wakaaranga6 Wakaaranga7

Mission Heights School- Auckland

Custom Designed Senior Playground & Hurricane - Installed April 2014
Missionheights4 Missionheights3
Missionheights1 Missionheights2



Awakeri School- Awakeri

Shenanigan Playground - Installed June 2014
Awakeri1 Awakeri2
Awakeri4 Awakeri3

Kings School- Auckland

Custom Designed Playground - Installed November 2013
Kings2 Kings3
Kings1 Kings4

Papatoetoe North School - Auckland

Custom Designed Playground - Installed 2012
PapatoetoeNorth4 PapatoetoeNorth3
PapatoetoeNorth1 PapatoetoeNorth2
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